EP Review: Maisyn – Cool Grl

Maisyn is an indie pop singer-songwriter and musician based in Los Angeles – she released her debut EP Cool Grl back in January 2021 and somehow I’ve only just gotten round to checking it out, but it was well worth the wait! It sounds very well produced for a debut EP and the songwriting is top notch – those into their indie pop should find something to love here.

By Jane Howkins

Feature Photo by Rly Blonde

First song Better Being Heartless kicks things off in style, displaying Maisyn’s songwriting prowess from the off. It’s a catchy indie pop song – the chorus is incredibly infectious and I found myself unable to stop listening to it, it’s simply that good! It’s quite an introspective song and Maisyn’s lyrics really shine through here.

8.20 is next up, with the song having a much slower feel to it. It starts off with a beautiful acoustic guitar melody which is complemented well by Maisyn’s soft vocal style. 8.20 has quite a folky style to it and it’s interesting to hear such a different side to her music – the tempo does increase a little after a while but it still retains its acoustic qualities throughout.

Pool Party also starts out with an acoustic guitar melody but has more of a poppy feel to it than 8.20 – I actually found myself reminded a little of Phoebe Bridgers’ music here. The lyrics are about not liking yourself and the way that you look, something most people have sadly felt in their lives. Maisyn’s vocals guide the music here and the little guitar melodies in the background are simply lovely to listen to.

Valentine Road kicks off with a guitar arpeggio, showing off Maisyn’s songwriting skills yet again. It’s a very cathartic track and the lyrics have an emotional feel to them, like most of the other songs on the EP. It’s quite a slow song but Maisyn’s vocal range is shown off for good measure in the later parts of Valentine Road and the dreamy feel works well here.

Nosebleeds is one of the more upbeat songs on Cool Grl, starting off with a unique percussive rhythm. It’s one of the poppiest songs on the EP but still has a folky vibe to it – this mix of styles is one of the things I really enjoyed about Maisyn’s work, making it sound rather different from her peers.

Title track Cool Grl is the final song on the EP and acts as a good closer. It sounds like a culmination of all the different styles contained within the other tracks here and I really enjoyed the percussion here. Maisyn’s vocals are on point as usual and the dynamic changes sound simply wonderful.

Cool Grl is a fantastic EP from Maisyn, with it sounding even better considering that this is her debut release. The mix of different genres and sounds is amazing and shows just how talented Maisyn is – I can’t wait to see where she goes in the future and I am very much looking forward to her hopefully producing a full length album soon.