EP Review: Square Tugs – Vodka, Lime And Soda

Square Tugs are a punk trio from Brisbane in Australia who are about to release a new EP titled Vodka, Lime And Soda. I’m always on the hunt for new punk bands and really liked what I heard from listening to their music so decided to check out the EP. This is actually their debut EP which makes it all the more impressive how good it sounds – the band’s form of punk is more in the vein of hardcore punk, but there is still a good sense of melody to it.

By Jane Howkins

The first song up is Leap Of Faith, kicking the EP off in style. The chords used are typical three punk chord fare but the guitars do have a very crisp and melodic feel to them. The vocals have more of a hardcore punk feel to them and the song is simply dripping with chaotic energy, setting the tone for the EP very well.

Glory Hole is up next, having more of a frantic and dark atmosphere to it. The vocals kick in almost immediately and I really enjoyed the rhythm of the song – the little guitar melodies running along in the background sound fantastic and the bridge of the song breaks it up nicely between choruses. It was my favourite song on Vodka, Lime And Soda and I highly recommend checking Glory Hole out first.

Live Fast, Die Numb is the penultimate song, being perhaps the fastest song here – it reminded me a lot of the punk music that emerged originally in the 70s, with the verse melody just consisting of two chords played in quick succession.

Title track Vodka, Lime And Soda is the final track, with the song combining together heavy riffs and a somewhat melodic chorus together – this mix of sounds is one of the things I really enjoyed about Square Tugs’ sound.

Vodka, Lime And Soda is a great debut EP and one that fans of punk music should love. It’s great to hear this form of punk being played again and whilst most of the songs here are your typical three chord punk songs, there is also a sense of musicality and melody that will fare Square Tugs well for the future. Check out their website and socials below to find out more!