EP Review: Fi – Anhedonia

Fi is a Birmingham-based singer songwriter. Their new EP Anhedonia is a tapestry of experimental electronic beats and accomplished song writing.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Yvonne Faye Wright

Deconstructed opening track Under Your Skin sets the tone. A mosaic of ambient and electronic sounds, it builds in complexity while Fi’s soft but strong vocals deliver a sorrowful tale.

According to them, the EP is about going through a change, and managing challenging times. If that’s so, Under Your Skin marks the start of the journey, wild and worrisome. I certainly found myself invested as its last mournful note stretched.

Track two Spinning With The World picks the story back up, taking it in an unexpectedly acoustic direction. With lowkey, strummed guitar, Fi’s beautiful vocals take centre stage. There are obvious parallels in their style with contemporaries like Billie Eilish and James Blake but I also detected hints of Thom Yorke in Spinning With The World.

The stripped-back Mind comes next. The minimal instrumentals consist of subtle electronic beats and warm bass that provide a lush soundscape. Doggedly melancholic, Mind feels like the low point of the journey and sets up the EP’s final chapter perfectly.

And that final chapter is Worthless. Returning acoustic guitar gives the song and EP’s sad undercurrent a bright sheen. Fi feels at their most vulnerable here, and there is power in that vulnerability. It’s a really strong finish.

In a pop industry dominated by “sad girl pop” and introspective melancholy, it would be easy to cynically dismiss this EP as more of the same. The truth is, though, that this kind of personal confessional pop takes a lot of guts to write and release and everyone has their own story to tell. Fi certainly tells theirs in Anhedonia and it’s one that brings the listener along with it. This EP has got me excited about Fi’s music. I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

You can hear Anhedonia below.