Album Review: We Are Scientists – Huffy

American rock band We Are Scientists are back with a new album titled Huffy, marking their first self-produced release. One of the big things that fans will be asking is how does this production style translate over to the band’s music, although I think substance is more important than style for a band of this calibre.

By Jane Howkins

If I’m being totally honest, I found myself a little underwhelmed by the tracks on Huffy, compared to the band’s previous works. There are some good tracks here but there seems to be a bit of filler too – the songs don’t stray too much from We Are Scientists’ previous music and most of the tracks here could have been featured on any one of their other albums.

That’s not to say there isn’t some good here though – Pandemonium is a catchy song and has quite an anthemic chorus to it, as does Sentimental Education. Everything also sounds very well produced (which is great considering the band produced Huffy themselves) and the music is rather satisfying to the ear in this regard. Just Education also sounds great, kicking off with a big drum beat and some catchy guitar melodies – the synths that appear during the verses are a rather nice addition too, and it has that catchy, nostalgic sound to it that I love in this genre of music, although I felt the verses were better than the choruses here.

I Cut My Own Hair has quite a distinct feel to it, but none of the songs on Huffy really stray too far from the We Are Scientists mould, which is a little disappointing. They are good at what they do though, meaning that current fans should still enjoy the album – there are some good tracks here, it just might take a while to fully get into the record and be able to appreciate it as a whole.