Interview – Pulled Apart By Horses

Pulled Apart By Horses have recently announced a new album and some UK tour dates so I decided to find out a little more about the band. Read on below to find out more and make sure you check the album out when it’s released.

By Jane Howkins

You have a new album coming out in spring next year. What can you tell us about the album? 

It’s a new, leaner, rawer PABH sound. We’ve tried to trim the fat off everything and keep things really direct. Taking out a guitar from the equation has naturally helped us reach this and also given us a new live dynamic that we haven’t had as a band before. Another important thing that added to the feel and growth of the tracks was the fact that we road tested all the songs live on a two week tour around the UK. We then went into the studio two weeks after touring and captured the majority of everything live.

You’ve just released a new single titled First World Problems. What can you tell us about the track? 

First World Problems is the first song that came along when it came to ideas for a new album. It felt fresh and exciting and we ended up using it as a bit of a blueprint for the rest of the tracks that followed. It’s a punk banger crafted to try and distract people for 3:00 mins from their doom scrolling/overwhelmed existence. 

Do you have any more singles planned for release? 

Yes, they will follow this release fairly soon and hopefully there will be something in a physical format around the same time too! 

Do you have any tour dates planned for the UK? 

We’re currently working on getting some dates together for a tour early next year but there may be a couple of things that pop up along the way as well.

What can people expect from a Pulled Apart By Horses gig and why do you think people should come and see you perform live? 

‘Blood, sweat and beers’ is our cliché rock star answer. Our live shows are normally noisy, energetic and on the edge of falling apart at any second (hopefully in a beautiful way though). A big goal is to try and offer a cathartic escape for people… somewhere where people can wave goodbye to their first world problems.

Has the pandemic hindered the work of the band much? 

Yes, massively! And a myriad of other curveballs that we’ve had thrown at us (but I’ll leave our first world problems out of it for now!) We wrote, toured and recorded these new tracks with the plan of keeping them as live and raw as possible so it didn’t feel right to release them until we could have the opportunity to play them in a live capacity. So through most of the lockdown we’ve been sitting on everything, waiting for the right time. In short, I think everyone’s had a tough time over the past year and a half to varying degrees, but I can only really speak from first hand experience to mention that the pandemic has seriously affected the majority of musicians and people that work in the events industry (and the self-employed/freelancers) and that now is a better time than ever to buy artists music, merch and a ticket to go and see them live.

What sort of music are you influenced by as a band?

It’s always been a huge melting pot with us guys to be honest. It’s constantly changing and guiding us in different places, but I guess that’s what adds to our sound and keeps us evolving. For this new album though we’ve immersed ourselves in a lot of 60’s 70’s garage rock and punk; The Stooges, The Cramps, The Ramones, The Rolling Stones, The Misfits, Joy Division, Television, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, David Bowie, The Fall with a few contemporaries like Ty Segall, Fuzz, Metz, Amyl And The Sniffers, Osees, & Viagra Boys that have been thrown into the mix too! 

What have you been listening to recently that you can recommend? 

Listen to the new (pals from across the Pennines…) Mister Strange EP I to kick out the jams. Or get weird with the drum machine, wonk out to Harmonizer – Ty Segall’s new lockdown album.

You’re originally from Leeds. What is the music scene like there at the moment? 

None of us are OG Leeds, we’ve all gravitated here from various places around the Midlands, Peak District & Yorkshire but Leeds is our spiritual home. The music scene is always healthy but constantly evolving and super eclectic. It’s hard to put your finger on a ‘Leeds sound’ but there’s definitely a Leeds attitude to being part of a community and building a small West Yorkshire musical multiverse. Go and check out the artists / released on Clue Records & Come Play With Me  – wo amazing Leeds based labels that are putting out some amazing bands at the moment! 

Any last words for the fans?

Don’t sweat the small stuff. No-one wants to hear your first world problems. Listen to our First World Problems. Play it loud and then throw your iPhone into the sea.