Discovery: Mathieu Saïkaly

Mathieu Saïkaly is a former French Idol winner but he’s only just hit my radar through his fresh-feeling new track Respiration #1.

By Graeme Smith

The first track of his new five-track EP Respirations, Respiration #1 is a gentle yet complex composition. Mathieu’s vocals are wonderfully soft, almost whispered, against a backdrop of looping inhalations and textured percussion. I’ve not heard much like it and yet it feels so familiar – as if it speaks to a universal truth.

It’s been the best part of a decade since Mathieu won Nouvelle Star and released his debut album via a major label. Going independent suits him though, as it gives him the freedom to produce something so unique.

You can hear Respiration #1 below and the EP is available to stream in all the usual places.