EP Review: Those Damn Thieves – Coherent

Those Damn Thieves are a London-based band with a rather experimental sound to their music – it really sounds very unique compared to a lot of the stuff I’ve heard recently, so I decided to check out their latest EP Coherent – I was not disappointed!

By Jane Howkins

The EP kicks off with opener Intrusive Thoughts, which starts off quietly before erupting into an amalgamation of sounds. The tension is there from the start, with a discordant and eerie feel to the track – it actually sounds quite creepy at times. Brass elements and a sinister bass rhythm are soon added, before a tribal percussion beat kicks in. The song slows down again in the middle, before going into heavy rock mode – it has a really epic feel to it.

Title track Coherent is next up – the song has a slightly more positive feel to it, with a dancing synth melody starting things off nicely. The bass is on top form here – it’s one of my favourite things about Those Damn Thieves’ music. This track contains some female vocals in the background but they are short lived, before the heavy bit starts towards the end of the song.

Weak In The Knees contains some pre-recorded spoken vocals about a battle, giving the piece an atmosphere from the off (although if I’m honest, the entire EP is extremely atmospheric). The music takes a bit of a backseat to the pre-recorded vocals, although it is no less impressive.

Falling Buildings starts with a frantic violin melody and contains some rapped vocals, although the music is still the obvious strongpoint here. The guitar and bass lines seem to follow the initial violin melody as the song gets heavier, and the brass elements were also a nice surprise – the change in dynamics between the verses and the instrumental bit is fantastic.

The Knife is the final song on Coherent – it’s much more of a slow burn than the other songs here, acting as a cathartic end to the EP. It largely consists of a subtle electric guitar melody (although there are some electronic noises in the background), perhaps acting as the quiet aftermath of the battle heard in previous songs. It’s a fitting end and allows some tension to be released.

Coherent won’t be for everyone but those into their more experimental rock/post-rock should check this out – the instrumentation is fabulous and I loved the creativity on show. Those Damn Thieves are going to do some fantastic things in the future, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from them! For now, check out their socials below.