EP Review: The Shook – Hermetic Revelry

Hermetic Revelry is the latest EP from The Shook, following on from their successful debut EP Retrograde which was released last year. Their new EP contains four songs that expand upon the tracks on Retrograde, with the songs on Hermetic Revelry containing elements from their previous work, as well as some new aspects.

By Jane Howkins

The Shook specialise in a form of rock/indie rock that also contains moments of garage rock and the blues. The first song on the EP is Easy, kicking the EP off in style. The guitar riffs and bass melodies are fantastic and there’s a real sense of rock and roll attitude to the song (as with most of the tracks on offer here) – the vocals also suit the style of song well and whilst the production quality is a little raw, it sounds perfect for the garage rock style.

Return Of The Sea is the next song up, having a slower feel to it than the previous song. It’s great to hear such a prominent bass line in rock music and the breakdown in the middle splits the track up nicely. It has a darker feel to it than Easy, showing a different side to The Shook’s music.

Dreamers Disease is up next and is more of a slow burn, sounding almost like a ballad at times. The guitar melodies are fantastic as ever and despite the slow nature of the song, there is a lot going on in the background than first appears, so it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything. There’s almost a country vibe to things and it sounds really bluesy at times.

The closing song on Hermetic Revelry is Fire, bringing the tempo back up to speed again. The opening riff is immense and sounds like something from a Led Zeppelin song – high praise indeed! Once again, there is a breakdown here, displaying the guitarwork off perfectly. It has a really groovy sound to it and ends the EP in style.

Hermetic Revelry is a great second release, showing a band with incredible songwriting talent and musicianship. The production quality is rather raw and I would hope this might be improved a little next time around, but it suits the garage rock style of the song and the music is good enough to stand apart from this. Check out The Shook’s website and their social media links below.