Discovery: Matti

Matti is an electronic pop and hip hop artist from New York, USA. He’s teamed up with fellow New Yorkers JessX, Talk Bazaar and chaosdoom666 (AKA Panther Hollow) for his sensational new track Firetruck.

By Graeme Smith

Firetruck has an incredible energy to it, but its whimsical nature hides a more profound message. A meditation on the day-to-day grind of the capitalist world, the track feels like a cathartic experience for those involved, including us as listeners. JessK’s Uffie-style rapped verse is on point as the story unfolds.

Matti is a product of lockdown. Void of performances, he started to experiment musically with his housemates Daisy The Great, ackerman, Charlotte Rose Benjamin (who we’ve also featured before) and Sipper. The result is this fresh sound.

You can check out Firetruck below.