New Music: June Swoon – Queen of Hearts

Followers of the blog will know I’m a big fan June Swoon, real name Juli Lydell. Back in 2019, I discovered her through premiering her awesome track Marrying Kind. This was followed by a review of her album, which I still listen to today, This Town Could Be Big Enough For The Both Of Us. There’s been more reviews since and she was even a guest on our podcast. Now she’s back with a new track called Queen of Hearts.

By Graeme Smith

Queen of Hearts takes Juli’s music into a more pop rock direction from the country-based This Town Could Be Big Enough For The Both of Us. For me it invoked late ’80s, early ’90s romanticism. Lyrically there is a sense of heartbreak, wrapped in an extended war metaphor. “Queen of Hearts” also feels like a nod to Alice In Wonderland, an inspiration that Juli previously used in her track Play Something I Know. There are still country elements but it’s less whisky-soaked bar and more sophomore prom, still with a wonderful sense of place.

Juli’s wonderfully expressive vocals are accompanied by a driving rhythm section and echoing guitar. It’s all very well done and a timely reminder for me just how great an artist she is. If you haven’t checked out before, I deplore you to do so.

Check out Queen of Hearts below.