Discovery: Bon-Psy

Bon Psy, real name Gianluca Cardinale, is a UK-based nu jazz performer. His latest piece, featuring textured electronic instrumentals and spoken word soundbites is a meditation on mental empowerment. It’s called Cursed Life.

By Graeme Smith

There’s a lot packed into Cursed Life. Starting laid-back and quiet, a spoken word sample sets the narrative of how psyche can affect behaviour and then we launch right into it. A lively, percussive movement culminates in a dramatic crescendo before things quiet down again. It was precisely this constant variation that kept me invested in the track and its powerful conclusion is worth waiting for.

Despite being early in his career, Gianluca has found a sound for himself and knows how to create music that engages and uplifts. You can check out Cursed Life below.