EP Review: Eosin – After The Silence

Eosin is the musical pseudonym of Humphrey Bacchus, a British musician and composer from the Slad Valley in the UK who is back from a fifteen hiatus with a new EP titled After The Silence. It’s quite a unique sounding EP and is worth listening through in order first, although the tracks can also be listened to as stand alone songs if the listener so wishes.

By Jane Howkins

Eosin’s music combines electronic, industrial, ambient and cinematic elements together to make something that sounds very dramatic – the opening song is also called After The Silence and acts as a nice opener to the EP. The tension ramps up slowly throughout the song, building a dark atmosphere up which signifies the main vibe of the EP in general.

I Forgot To Breathe is up next and has quite a similar feel to the previous song, although it does sound a little mellower at times. There’s so much going on in each track that it will take several listens to fully appreciate everything and the ambient sounds won’t be for everyone, but stick with it and a patient listener should find plenty to love here. The strings make it sound a little discordant at times, but this works well with the overall sound of the EP.

Life Is Elsewhere has a slightly more upbeat vibe, kicking off with a slow percussive beat. It’s still fairly slow sounding though, although the backing strings do give it more of a livelier feel at times. The main instrumentation comes from a meandering piano melody which runs throughout the track – despite this, I felt like there was less going on here than the other songs on offer, and it was my least favourite song on After The Silence (although it’s still worth checking out).

Bowed, But Not Broken is possible the most upbeat song here, starting with a frantic percussion rhythm. Again, this track has quite a discordant feel to it and there is also a lot of tension here, in part due to the synths in the background of the song. Eosin is great at creating an atmosphere and it sounds really dark, even without vocals/lyrics being used.

Across The Space is the final song on the EP, featuring a few different segments across the piece. The percussion sounds a little off kilter at times, but this is purposeful, adding to the uneasy vibe presented by Eosin. It’s possible the most interesting song here due to the different elements contained within the song and this really helps to show just how talented Eosin really is.

After The Silence is an interesting EP by an upcoming British musician – whilst it won’t be for everyone, those into their ambient and cinematic music should find lots to enjoy here. I recommend listening to it through in order first to get the full feel of the EP, as many of the pieces on offer here flow into each other nicely. You can also check out Eosin’s social media pages below for more information.