EP Review: NYA – Requiem Of Me

NYA is a singer-songwriter and musician who is based in both Los Angeles and Paris – her music combines a number of different genres together, making her sound a little different from the usual slew of singer-songwriter we hear, which is definitely a good thing to me! She has recently released a new four track EP called Requiem Of Me and I was very excited to hear it due to the other good reviews I’ve read and I’m very glad that I did, as it all makes for a cracking listen!

By Jane Howkins

High is the first song on the EP, opening it with a big burst of energy. The song is catchy and does have quite a poppy sound to it – the chorus should instantly get into your head and I found myself unable to stop listening to it. Whilst it is quite poppy, NYA’s songwriting is fantastic and the track sets the tone well for the rest of the EP.

Won’t Pick Up The Phone is up next and has quite an old school sound to it – whilst High sounded fairly mainstream pop, this song has more of a 60s soul vibe to it. I actually prefer this sound to the more poppy sound contained in the previous song and it sounds simply amazing – the percussive rhythm and the strings create a feeling of tension and NYA’s vocals have a lot of soul to them.

Little Ole Me follows the vibe and sound of the previous track, although it seems to have more of a positive feel to it, bringing the poppy elements back in. This mish-mash of genres is fantastic to listen to and it really makes NYA’s music sound unique in a world where modern pop music often sounds very generic. The songwriting is top notch and the song has a jazzy feel to it, in part due to the rhythm of the track.

Lost Girl is the final song on Requiem Of Me, having more of a mainstream pop feel to it than the previous two songs. The bubbly synth melody gives it a slightly 80s feel but it still sounds relatively modern as well. NYA’s voice is incredible and it really shines through here – the more poppy style also helps to round the EP out nicely.

Requiem Of Me is a fantastic release and it’s great to see a modern day artist trying so many different styles, it really makes her music sound different to the norm. I can’t wait to hear more from NYA in the future and I predict big things for her so check out her website here.