Discovery: sydneyunicorns

Sydneyunicorns, aka Sydney Angel, is an American singer songwriter who bases herself in New York City and Los Angeles. Though classically trained, her sound is very contemporary and boundary-pushing.

By Graeme Smith

Feature photo by sydneyunicorns

There’s a vein of nihilism running through her latest track Are We There Yet? Written during the peak of the pandemic, its infused with frustration and thoughts of the end of the world. The feelings are brought to life through layered electronic instrumentals and Sydney’s unique, distorted vocals.

As well as being a musician and singer, Sydney is also a self-taught producer. Her music reflects her inner world as much as it dwells on the world around her, creating something that feels well-rounded and relatable. I’m really excited to see where she takes her sound next.

You can check out Are We There Yet? below.

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