EP Review: Morning Crush – Brand New House

Morning Crush are a British alternative folk band that I recently discovered through their storytelling track Endless Kid. The track is taken from the band’s debut EP Brand New House which is full of more narrative gems of the personal and the political.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Holly Mccandless-Desmond

Morning Crush are inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Billy Bragg, Bright Eyes and Frank Turner and fans of any of those artists will find a lot to love in Brand New House. The EP opens with the title track, a gentle, heart-rendering tale of love that’s lost and found.

Track two Basement ups the tempo and paints a rich picture of Morning Crush’s world. Continuing on the theme of heartbreak, there’s also a healthy dose of nostalgia for moments forever lost to history, and tinged with regret. The folk instrumentals are textured and dynamic, with a poignant breakdown before a breath-taking crescendo.

Better Friend feels equally nostalgic, but with a bright, hopeful undercurrent that points to the future. Singer and songwriter Tim Ostrowsky-Thomas’s vocals are particularly expressive. The sense of hope feels keenly authentic.

The aforementioned Endless Kid comes next, perfectly-placed at the EP’s midpoint and all the more powerful within the context of the tracks that precede and follow it. It’s a definite highlight.

Homeless II is seeped in poetry and a warm sense of friendship. Set in London, it also has a tremendous sense of place, much like the track that follows Back In London – a drama-filled meditation on city life.

The EP closes with Peaceful Mind, a track that delves deep into the psyche. Morning Crush’s sound is at its most rocky here and I was reminded of early ’00s hitmakers like Starsailor and Travis. It’s a wonderful twist to close on, showing just how far the band can push their sound.

It’s great to hear more from Tim and Morning Crush. They really have the gift of telling a strong and compelling story with their music and that’s something to be celebrated and cherished.

You can check out Brand New House below.