EP Review: Watasino – Mellow Mood

Watasino is a Japanese producer and musician living in Tokyo who recently released a new EP titled Mellow Mood. Watasino has quite a unique technique, in that his music largely consists of sampling and reconstructing instruments and melodies that he has recorded himself, making for quite an interesting listen.

By Jane Howkins

Floating is the first song on the EP, starting out with some mellow beats and some drum machine rhythms. The music is rather ambient at times (although it does have a more up tempo feel than most ambient music) and is instrumental in nature. The guitar melodies are fantastic and the track sounds perfect for listening to after a long, hard day.

Last Cigarette kicks things off with a slightly more upbeat feel, although it still sounds very relaxed in terms of style. The percussion has a classic hip-hop feel to it, whereas the guitar melodies sound very funky, giving it something of a 70s vibe. This was perhaps my favourite track on the EP and it has an innate feeling of ‘cool’ within it.

Brand New Legacy is a little different from the songs which came before, starting out with an acoustic guitar melody that you can tell has been sampled and changed in the mixing room. The percussion is slightly off-kilter with the guitar melody, giving it a slightly dissonant feel, but it still somehow manages to sound catchy at times. The whistling noises that appear later on in the track help to give it some variety.

Simple Things is the final song on Mellow Mood – it’s rather similar to the other songs here in terms of style, with the main instrumentation coming yet again from the percussion and Watasino’s guitar licks. There is also a slight breakdown in the middle of the track, before everything starts up again, closing the EP off in style.

The tracks on Mellow Mood won’t be for everyone, but those into their more experimental styles of music and the ambient/instrumental genres should find something to love here. The EP is perfect for chilling out to and also works well as background noise. You can check out Watasino’s social media pages below.