Discovery: Muscular

Hailing from Turku, Finland, Muscular, real name Ilmari Aitoaho, is a electronic pop producer who has teamed with with singer Linda Ilves for his latest track Demons.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Mikko M. Koskinen

Demons is a track with a funky, RnB groove. Linda’s vocals are spot on, expressive in the quick-fire verses and wonderfully soulful in the earworm chorus. Muscular is inspired by funk pioneers like Herbie Hancock and that certainly comes through with the retro feel of the track’s arrangement.

This is the third single from the promising Ilmari, and will feature on his forthcoming album, the details of which have not yet been released. I personally can’t wait to hear more. I hope you’ll agree. You can check out Demons below.