Discovery: Kristian Phillip Valentino

Hailing from Chicago and now based in Asheville, USA, Kristian Phillip Valentino is an acoustic folk singer songwriter who reflects on past love in his new track It’s Fallen.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Hollie Giglietti

The track is taken from his album For Every Thing, There is a Season which charts the course of a love affair through the four seasons. It’s Fallen is part of the relationship’s autumn, the moment when things begin to collapse. As you might expect then, it’s a sad song, emoted beautifully through piano, acoustic guitar and Kristian’s angelic vocals.

After ending up homeless, Kristian started writing music in 2010 as a way of processing past hurt. The art has clearly suited him well, there is such a strong and authentic sense of emotion in his music.

You can check out It’s Fallen below.

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