Discovery: Caitlin

Caitlin is an alternative pop singer songwriter based in London whose new track draws from her jazz singer background. It’s called Take Me Where My Heart Is.

By Graeme Smith

Sultry and moody, Take Me Where My Heart Is is the type of track that paints a picture with its lyrics. The picture is that of a seedy bar, filled with smoke and cheap booze as Caitlin ponders how she ended up there. The instrumentals are lively, harking back to a bygone age while somehow also feeling completely contemporary.

Born and raised in Lymington in the New Forest, Caitlin relocated to London where she now regularly gigs as a jazz singer. She’s received plaudits from no less than the legendary Jools Holland, who named her 2021 Young Artist of the Year.

You can check out Take Me Where My Heart Is below.

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