Video: Giudi – Jezinky (acapela)

Giudi is a Prague, Czech Republic-based electronic artist whose turns to an entirely organic instrument for her latest Avant Garde piece. It’s called Jezinky (acapela).

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by @ja.cob.ra

The piece relies entirely on voice. Starting with intimate whispering the piece expands with hummed harmonies and Giudi’s own delicate lead vocals. A ‘jezinky’ is a Bohemian folk character that seduces people who get lost in the wood and in the track, Giudi attempts to create a magical atmosphere. She definitely succeeds. Jezinky feels like it has come from another world.

Though new to us, Giudi is an artist that is quickly gaining international attention through radio and TV placements. She certainly has something different about her that sets her out for stardom. You can check out the haunting video for Jezinky below.

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