Discovery: Ray Aley

Ray Aley is a Nashville, USA-based producer who has teamed up with recording debutant Mckala Cass for their new tale of marriage at the end of the world, Apocalyptic Bliss.

By Graeme Smith

Apocalyptic Bliss poses the unexpected question: what would you do with your significant other during the last day in the world. If that sounds like gloomy subject matter, Ray approaches it with a gentle and euphoric sheen. Robot-style vocals blend beautifully with Mckala’s organic ones and the track hits a surprise groove after its experimental opening.

As a producer, Ray has already been getting quite a lot of hype online and it’s easy to see why. I, for one, am grateful for him introducing us to Mckala too. She’s got a voice I could get lost in.

You can check out Apocalyptic Bliss below.