Discovery: Render Ghosts

Render Ghosts are an international synth pop duo based in Utrecht, The Netherlands and London. The trio features singer Tamara van Esch who first rose to fame on the Dutch equivalent of The Voice, alongside classically trained composer Tom O.C Wilson and sound artist Iain Chambers. Their latest track is called Eye Rhyme.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Elen Williams

What caught my attention about Eye Rhyme was its lively, retro feel and its insanely catchy melody. Tamara’s soft vocals contrast the artificialness of the instrumentals perfectly and the chorus will get firmly lodged in your brain.

Inspired by the likes of Gracey, Everything Everything, Erasure and St Vincent, Render Ghosts are attempting to occupy a unique space in the musical landscape. With Eye Rhyme I think they’ve succeeded. You can check out the lyric video below.

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