New Music: Soheill – The Doorway

Soheill is a Nashville, USA-based artist I first discovered over the summer through his raw and confessional track Behave. His new one is another tale of introspection. It’s called The Doorway.

By Graeme Smith

In contrast to the scuzzy riffs of Behave, The Doorway starts gentle with minimal piano and acoustic guitar. Soheill’s expressive vocals and his meditative lyrics take centre stage and they are utterly heart-wrenching. As the track progresses the arrangement builds but it never loses its sense of intimacy. The Doorway is for those who are hurting.

The timing of the release is in an attempt to help those who are feeling self-aware during the holiday period, and I think its great that Soheill has been willing to open up in order to help others. You can check out The Doorway below.