Discovery: Foxy Panic

Hailing from Los Angeles, USA, Foxy Panic are a synth pop duo who deliver their drunken New Year’s message in new track Anecdote.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Maria Jose Govea

In Anecdote, Foxy Panic attempt to recreate the effect of being forcefully uplifted through artificial means and I think they pull it off. The synths and percussion are bright and airy but there are menacing bass undertones that keep everything grounded. All the while ethereal vocals tell a messy story of drunkenness and hope.

Foxy Panic have such a fresh yet relatable sound that I couldn’t help fall in love with them on first listen. They’re definitely for fans of ’00s indie electronica like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Crystal Castles. You can check out Anecdote below.

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