New Music: Howe – Wash Rinse Repeat

Howe is an indie pop singer songwriter from Sacramento, USA who I first discovered last summer through her clever track Made For This Time. Her latest is another authentically subversive one. It’s called Wash Rinse Repeat.

By Graeme Smith

Delving deep into the psyche, Wash Rinse Repeat explores the feeling of being stuck, with one day leading to the next as if nothing is changing. Though the themes are dark, the instrumentation is bright, with a slow but bouncing electro pop arrangement. Howe’s vocals are ethereal but rich and compelling. It’s the kind of track to which you can close your eyes and just let go.

Among Howe’s inspirations are Banks and Lorde and fans of either of those artists will find a lot to love in her sound. You can check out Wash Rinse Repeat below.

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