Discovery: Lucky Number You

Lucky Number You are an indie pop trio based in Birmingham who first started releasing music in 2020. Taking cues from ’80s and ’90s pop rock such as The Cure and Tears for Fears, their latest is called Disassociator.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Morgan Tedd

Disassociator has a rolling feel to it, as if it’s taking you on a journey. It slowly builds through its intro, hitting its stride when the first verse starts. Expressive vocals suit the music perfectly and the track oozes with a timeless, nostalgic feel, but the lyrics tell a deeper story – one of mistrust in systems and conspiracy theory rabbit-holes.

With their debut LP Aftercare set for release in the Spring, there’s more to look forward from Lucky Number You. I can’t wait! You can have a listen to Disassociator below.

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