EP Review: Evolutionary Sleeper – Labyrinthian

Evolutionary Sleeper are a metal band based in the UK – their EP Labyrinthian, was released in December 2021 and has a wonderfully fresh sound to it.

By Jane Howkins

There are three songs contained on the EP, making it sound short, yet sweet. The first song is called Crestfallen and features Dan Picknell on the track. The song starts out with an immediate intensity – the riffs and vocals sound huge and really give the music an epic sound. The breakdown that occurs halfway through the song is amazing, showing just how technically proficient the band are. Those into their heavier styles of metal should love this.

Never Redeemed, Never Undone is next up, featuring Alex Hamilton. This track starts off sounding even more intense than the previous one, with something of a hardcore punk vibe present. What interested me most was the change in dynamics towards the end – whilst the first half of the song is very extreme, there is another breakdown later on, showing a softer side to Evolutionary Sleeper.

Plaguebearer is the final song on Labyrinthian, with this song featuring Laur Lindmae. It follows a similar pattern to the previous songs, with a breakdown in the middle. However, the intensity starts up again towards the end of the track, changing things up a little. The riffs here are particularly groovy to listen to.

Labyrinthian is a fantastic EP; the short nature of the EP means that fans should be begging for more after listening to it. If you’re into your more extreme styles of metal, then make sure you check their social media pages out below!