Song Review: The Midnight Shower – Late Riser

The Midnight Shower are a power trio from Berlin who have recently released a new song, titled Late Riser. I really enjoyed their sound and wanted to share the track with the masses – if you like it, make sure you check the rest of their music out!

By Jane Howkins

For those who aren’t already aware of The Midnight Shower, they’re a rock band with some indie rock elements present in their music too. I was reminded greatly of the indie music that became popular in the noughties, but it also has elements of alt rock, Britpop, grunge and even new wave present in there.

The rhythm is simply infectious, getting into your head almost instantly. This is partly due to the bass (it’s great to hear a bass guitar used so prominently in a song like this), creating an amazing groove. The chorus is a lot heavier than the verses, turning the track into a full on rock song. The change in dynamics between the chorus and verses is fantastic, really helping to make Late Riser stand out. The vocals also work really well with the music – they give the chorus an anthemic quality at times.

Late Riser is a fantastic song and it really made me want to listen to more of The Midnight Shower’s music – make sure you check them out if you’re into rock music of any kind!