New Music: Kristian Phillip Valentino – Wind, Hail, and Snow

Kristian Phillip Valentino is an American indie folk singer songwriter who I first discovered last month through his autumnal track It’s Fallen. Taken from a series of pieces that use the seasons to reflect the life of a relationship, his follow up is the Winter portion, and the end of the relationship. It’s called Wind, Hail, and Snow.

By Graeme Smith

As you’d expect, there’s a fair amount of sadness contained in Wind, Hail, and Snow but surprisingly there seems to be an element of optimism too. Kristian’s soulful vocals grapple with knowing things have come to an end, but the accompanying piano melody seems to indicate a sense of acceptance, and perhaps hope of brighter days ahead.

It’s another shining track from an artist who is fast becoming one of my favourites. You can check out Wind, Hail, and Snow below.