Album Review: DreGarde – Twenty5

Twenty5 is a new EP from DreGarde, a hip-hop/rap artist that has newly emerged on the scene. His music is fantastic and gives the genre a much needed change, as it sounds very fresh.

By Jane Howkins

First up is Fine Wine – this track introduces listeners into DreGarde’s sound perfectly, with a slow tempo and eerie synth/piano melody providing most of the instrumentation here. The sparse nature of the song makes it sound quite haunting at times, especially when mixed with DreGarde’s soft vocal delivery.

H.I.T.S. is next up, with this track having a similar tempo to it. The percussion is a little more jazzy, mixing well with the piano melody in the background. I felt the song had a bit of a noir feel to it – check it out and you’ll see what I mean!

Worst Enemy continues the eerie feel, with some strings also joining the percussion and piano here. DreGarde uses his backing vocals to great style here, echoing back behind the lead vocals he raps.

30 And Beyond has some amazing lyrics to it – the way DreGarde raps is in a very soulful way, giving the song a certain atmosphere. The recorded vocals are very interesting, showing the themes of the track well.

Goosebumps has more of a fast, free-flowing rapping style to it, although the rapping style does change several times over the course of the song, something which can be quite rare in this style of music. It’s this sort of innovation that makes me love DreGarde’s music so much.

Imperfections is one of the sparsest songs on here, at least in terms of music and instrumentation. The real stand out is the female backing vocals, although the song also sees DreGarde attempting to sing at times too.

Right Back has that classic 80s hip-hop production quality to it, again giving the music a noir feel. The focus is more on the lyrics than the music, giving the song a feeling of substance, as well as style.

Nothing To Lose starts off with just a couple of chords on what sounds like an organ, with some other effects hinted at in the background of the song. It’s subtle, but it works really well with the lyrics and themes of the song.

The curiously titled Ooomees is perhaps the most fast paced song on the EP, in part due to the immense bass melody in the background. The backing vocals have a gospel style to them, adding yet another sound to DreGarde’s music.

Twenty5 is a really interesting album and one that shows just how talented DreGarde truly is. It’s great to hear someone within the hip-hop genre doing something different and I loved how eerie the music sounds.