EP Review: Foundry Town Survivors – Foundry Town Survivors

Foundry Town Survivors are a band made up of life-long friends and veteran musicians Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller – they’ve had fantastic careers within the music industry and are back performing their own brand of American rock music on their latest EP, also called Foundry Town Survivors.

By Jane Howkins

The first song is called Mississippi Rising, introducing listeners into their music in great fashion. It’s a pop-rock song with elements of Americana, folk and country music. The main melody is great and the chorus has a singalong style to it, in part due to the amazing backing vocals.

Everything’s Okay is next up, kicking off with an immense percussive beat. The track has a very upbeat and positive feel to it, as displayed in the title of the song. The piano in the background provides the main melody on the verses, mixing well with the rest of the music.

Seven Souls starts with what sounds like a maraca being shaken, setting the tone for the song well. It’s a little heavier than the previous songs on the EP, with the guitar melodies having a fantastic, bluesy sound to them. I also felt there was a classic rock vibe, which I loved.

Hopes And Dreams starts off a little slower, before emerging into a rock song with an eerie atmosphere to it. It’s a really catchy song and was perhaps my favourite track from the entire EP – the guitar melodies sound amazing and I felt there was something of a 60s bent to the music.

I’ll See You Through is one of the slower songs on Foundry Town Survivors, although it still has a classic pop-rock vibe to it. The piano mixes well with the guitar melodies, giving it an almost Eastern quality at times. It’s also rather catchy on the chorus!

Foundry Town is the final song here, being the slowest track on the entire EP. The main instrumentation comes from an acoustic guitar melody and an organ, which was a lovely surprise. The tempo comes back up later on, giving it a triumphant feel.

I loved Foundry Town Survivors’ sound and will definitely be checking out more of their music in the near future. It’s great to hear a band making this sort of music trying something new – if you’re into pop-rock, classic rock, folk or Americana, there should be something for you here!