EP Review: Florie Namir – I Wanna Be In Love

Florie Namir is an award-winning jazz-pop singer-songwriter born in Tel Aviv, who is currently based in London. She’s also a classical composer, making for a very talented artist indeed! I Wanna Be In Love is her latest EP release, combining all these different elements together.

By Jane Howkins

Far, Far Away is the opening track, displaying both her jazz and classical sides. The music is generally rather jazzy, but it also has a catchy pop feel to it, in part due to the gorgeous piano melody. The vocals sound fantastic, also having quite a unique sound to them. The strings are beautiful, giving the track a sonically resonant texture.

Piece Of My Soul is up next, being one of the jazziest songs on the EP. I was reminded a lot of the 1940s jazz songs that became so popular in that era, possibly due to the vocal style and the rhythm. The piano fits the upbeat rhythm well, with a saxophone melody appearing every so often.

Time Is Melting Down is the midway point of this EP, being perhaps the slowest song on offer here. The vocals and synths give the song an ethereal vibe, with the backing vocals and violin making it sound very beautiful indeed. The bridge quietens things down a little, before the crescendo of beauty emerges once more.

I Wanna Be In Love With You is very jazzy, with a wonderful brass section opening the track up. It’s got quite a modern jazz sound to it, with a cool bass/percussion rhythm keeping the pace of the song, alongside the piano.

Kindness is the final track here, opening up with a lovely, flowing piano melody, which the vocals meld nicely with. Florie’s vocals really stand out here, with the instrumentation taking a bit of a backseat (although it still sounds fantastic). The main note sequence is gorgeous, making this my favourite song on the entire EP.

I Wanna Be In Love is unlike anything else I’ve heard in the last few months, and it’s fantastic to hear someone so talented doing something so different to the norm. If you’re into classical music or jazz, then make sure you check the EP out!