EP Review – Rob Quo – Now I See The Birds

Now I See The Birds is an EP release by musician and singer-songwriter Rob Quo, with each of the songs on this five track EP having a beautiful, folky quality to them. The songwriting is fantastic, really showing Rob’s skills off to the world.

By Jane Howkins

The first song on the EP is the title track, starting off with a gorgeous string section. Despite the folky nature of the music, it has a classical bent to it, opening the song in style. The guitar melodies have a lovely, positive nature to them and the strings give the music a haunting beauty.

Chasing The Moon opens up with Rob’s vocals emerging straight away. This track is a little slower than the previous one, with the guitar melodies being the real star of the show here. Rob’s vocals sound great when mixed with the rest of the music and the main chord sequence is simply stunning.

Upon My Plate has an almost jazzy guitar melody to it – the percussion and bass also give the song a 50s/60 vibe, adding another element to Rob’s musical soundscape. The vocal harmonies that emerge later on are lovely, as are the little piano melodies in the background.

I’m No Good is the penultimate song here, being perhaps the slowest song on the EP. It’s got quite a sad feel to it, making it different from most of the other songs on the EP. The organ in the background is subtle, but works perfectly alongside the guitar melodies and the strings that emerge later on.

Home Is Where The Heart Is is the final song, bringing a little more positivity back to the record. The lyrics help to tell a story about Rob’s life, giving the music a storytelling quality and rounding the EP out nicely.

Now I See The Birds is a gorgeous EP to listen to. Those into their folk music (both modern and traditional) and classical music should find plenty to love here – make sure you check out Rob’s social media pages out below.