New Music: Emei – Better People To Leave on Read

Emei is an alternative pop singer songwriter who Jane first discovered for us in the Autumn. At the time she was impressed by the dark feel and important message of her track Late To The Party. Now it’s my turn to run the rule over her latest. It’s called Better People To Leave on Read.

By Graeme Smith

Better People To Leave On Read also has an important message. It’s about not giving up your time to friends who are toxic in your life. Prompted by real events, Emei’s story comes to life through her authentic lyrics and things are made all the more interesting by the track’s experimental instrumentals.

Emei is based in Los Angeles, but originally found success on Chinese Idol, when she achieved third place in the competition at the age of fifteen. She remains a big star in China, and her international reputation is growing. She’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

You can check out Better People To Leave On Read below.