EP Review – The Cookie Jar Complot – Caviar Capital

The curiously titled The Cookie Jar Complot are an instrumental indie band from Luxembourg, an area we admittedly don’t often hear much music from. They have a fantastically unique sound to their music, in part due to the instrumental nature of it – Caviar Capital is their latest EP release.

By Jane Howkins

There are four tracks on this EP, with NEO being the first one up. The track starts out with a dreamy, clean electric guitar melody that shows a brilliant skill for musicianship – The Cookie Jar Complot are obviously very talented songwriters and musicians. The track builds up over the course of the song, having an almost jazzy feel to it.

TFO is the next song on the EP, with the song having an eerie quality to it. The guitar melodies are layered to the extent that it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything going on here. The production quality sounds amazing, something which follows all the tracks on this EP. The rhythmic changes mix things up a little, with the percussion following suit.

sweet dreams starts with a staccato melody, before the rest of the music kicks in. It’s possible the slowest song here, although it still has some interesting post-rock vibes to it. The track builds up over time, giving the piece a fantastic atmosphere. This was one of my favourite songs on the EP, sounding very interesting indeed. It turns into more of a fully fledged rock song towards the end of the track, building upon the immense ambience created by the guitar melodies and percussion.

Tides is the final song, being perhaps the heaviest song on the EP. It has an immediate energy from the start, with the fast rhythm and intense guitar melodies giving the tune a toe tapping feel. The bass is very prominent here, giving the song a lovely rhythmic backbone. It breaks down a little towards the end, before the tempo ramps up once again.

Caviar Capital makes for an amazing listen – The Cookie Jar Complot are doing something very different from the norm here, which should be respected greatly by those into their instrumental rock/post-rock music. Make sure you check out their social media pages below!