Jody & The Jerms Announce York Date

JODY AND THE JERMS release their new single: Heavenly.

True to its title, it’s a track of divine indie-pop that finds the Oxford-via-Wales band harking back to the genre’s golden era.

For a track written in hell-on-earth (i.e. a traffic jam going over Henley Bridge as the band made their way to the studio one day), Heavenly defies all expectations with its saintly vocals, shimmering guitars and sunkissed melodies. 

A bittersweet love song that will play a serenade on your heart strings, Heavenly is all “about the perils of falling for someone head-over-heels and how that plays out” says Jody.

Written and recorded on the same day in October of last year, the song is a beam of warmly fuzzy guitar pop laced with all the promises of new romance and new beginnings around the corner, yet spun with the reclusive cautiousness familiar to any indie kid finding their way. 
Earning a dedicated fan in the late broadcaster Janice Long, the new single was aired for the very first time when Jody & The Jerms were invited into what would be the DJ’s last ever live session on 20th December 2021, shortly before her passing. Heavenly is the lead single and opening track of Jody & The Jerms’ upcoming second album, Flicker which they also announce today. Confirmed for release on 4th March 2022 via their own JATJ imprint, Flicker arrives less than 18 months after the surprise hit of their lockdown-released debut Deeper (released autumn 2020).

In support of the release, Jody & The Jerms will also be heading-out on a tour of the UK and Spain in the spring and summer of 2022. They will perform at The Vaults in York on June 14th and O’Reilly’s in Hull on June 15th.