EP Review: Emily Parish – Don’t Need Much

Emily Parish is a London-based indie pop singer songwriter who has just released her new EP Don’t Need Much. A collection of songs written last year, alongside an updated song from earlier in her career, it covers love, relationships and coping with a pandemic.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Colleen Lee

The EP opens with its title track, a moody, atmospheric piece with lyrics that cut close to the bone. Emily’s vocals instantly draw you in, delicate and emotive, spilling out her heart over light percussion and echoing guitar. Thematically, it speaks of escape – from the pressures of being young and fear of the world around you – but principally it’s a love song. We find comfort in the ones we love.

Track two Moonbeam has an airier feel to it. Gentle acoustic guitar and percussion form the musical base. They let Emily’s voice take the limelight, more isolated here and therefore more charmingly vulnerable. The track was written during lockdown and is a meditation on the mundanity of the every day that came into sharp focus for all of us then. Aside from lockdown, Emily was inspired by the music of Billie Marten and it certainly comes across in this track.

Didn’t See You Leaving comes next, a reimagining of a song Emily originally wrote in 2016. Heavy with a sense of sadness, it acts as a kind of counterpoint to Don’t Need Much, speaking of how love can sometimes let us down. Starting stripped-back, the instrumentals slowly build with bass and drums to a dramatic but understated emotional climax.

The EP is rounded off by an alternative version of Don’t Need Much. Led by piano is has more of a contemporary pop leaning than the opening version. It feels more intimate too. You really get the sense that Emily is directing the song towards someone she loves.

Don’t Need Much is a short and sweet collection from an artist who I’m glad to have discovered. You can tell the level of thought and effort Emily puts into her song writing and production and she has all the hallmarks to make a splash in modern pop scene. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more music from her. You can listen to her EP below.