New Music: Spencer LaJoye – Plowshare Prayer

Spencer LaJoye is an American acoustic singer songwriter who Jane first discovered for us near the end of last year through their beautiful indie folk track Where The Air Is Cleanest. Now they’re back on the blog with their stunning new piece Plowshare Prayer.

By Graeme Smith

The track opens with melancholic acoustic guitar and strings before Spencer’s soulful vocals float in. The lyrics hit you instantly, a role-call of those who have been marginalised and what Spencer hopes for them. It all feels so sensitive, empathetic and powerful, and builds to a gospel-like climax. It truly is beautiful stuff.

Spencer is based in Boston, and is proudly non-binary and bisexual. It’s fair to say that they have their own experience with marginalisation. Plowshare Prayer feels like an effort to reclaim some of the narrative, and to bring a moment of peace to a world that is so often toxic. I can’t recommend it enough. You can take a listen to it below.