EP Review: Sükko – A Violent Deep Feel

Hailing from Norwich, Sükko are an alternative rock five-piece who have just released their new EP A Violent Deep Feel. The guys have produced the EP with the intention of being bold with their music, and don’t shy from the issues of the day, including racism, gender equality and mental health. It certainly piqued my interest. Here’s my track by track review.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Oliver Marlow

The EP opens with its title track, and a rich, ambient instrumental that incorporates natural bird song into electronic overtones. Subtle bass notes float in, then strings, then vocalisations, building to the steady, jazzy groove of track two Take Your Time. The first single to be released from the EP, it tells the story of the nostalgia and innocence of youthful summers. It’s such a beautiful introduction to Sükko’s world.

Track three Golden Suits has a more downbeat and pensive feel about it, but it doesn’t lose the EP’s groove. A ska-like beat feels a little reminiscent of The Police, and the vocals here are not too dissimilar to Sting’s. The lyrics hit hard, speaking of corruption, the loss of democracy and creeping fascism across the world. A breakdown showcases the passion and quality of the vocals wonderfully before a mean guitar solo closes things out.

In My Head comes next, portraying anxiety and vulnerability masked by a confident exterior. The instrumental arrangement captures the feeling as well, with a striding electric guitar riff, and steady percussion acting as a counterweight to delicate and emotive vocals. The track makes good use of rise and fall, with moments of quiet contrasting an explosive chorus.

The EP is closed out by Look, a track that tries to make sense of inequality in the world. As white males, the guys acknowledge they’ll never be a position to fully understand the struggle, but they’ve clearly done some homework, and the message feels right – do what you can and educate yourself. Look is Sükko’s sound at its rawest and most emotional. It’s powerful stuff.

A Violent Deep Feel is an ambitious EP that somehow manages to feel effortless. It’s a great introduction to Sükko for me, and represents a maturing of their sound for those who have been following them for awhile. They’re a must listen for those who like indie rock that has something to say. You can listen to the whole EP below.