EP Review: Kingfisher – Kingfisher EP

Kingfisher are a Canadian rock band formed late in 2021, making it incredibly impressive just how good their music is. They’ve already managed to pull together an EP, titled Kingfisher EP, and it all makes for a fantastic listen.

By Jane Howkins

The first track on the EP is Another Way To Break Through, introducing listeners to Kingfisher’s sound instantly. The song kicks off with some chugging guitar riffs, giving the music an intense, punky style. There’s a real sense of atmosphere and emotion present in the music, in part due to the emotive vocal style and the wall of riffs.

Minor League is up next, having a slightly less intense feel to it. It’s got more of a positive vibe, although the guitar riffs still don’t let up throughout the entirety of the piece. It’s rather catchy at times, although it’s still a punk song, appealing to those into their more pop-punk styles of music.

Before Your Star starts off a little more slowly than the previous songs, with the palm muted guitar riffs and percussion helping to ramp the tension up, before the heavy part starts. The chorus is full of singalong lyrics, making it sound rather anthemic. This was my favourite song on the entire EP.

Radio City is the final song here, having an interesting guitar style when it opens up. The percussion has a tribal quality to it, building the music up until the heavy punk style once again kicks in. This is more of a classic punk rock song, ending the EP nicely.

Kingfisher EP is a fantastic release, especially for such a new band to the scene. Kingfisher have a catchy sound to their music, but the heaviness and intensity of their music also serves them well, making for a nice overall mix of sounds.

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