EP Review: Struck/Down – From Demons

From Demons is a new EP release from hard rock band Struck/Down, with the band also having elements of metal within their sound. They’ve got a real intensity to their music, in part due to the killer riffs on show, which made me love their music from the off.

By Jane Howkins

There are five songs on this EP, with Wandering Child starting things off nicely. The main riff sounds rather menacing, which combined with the heavy percussion style and harsh vocals, really works to create a sense of atmosphere. The music has a sludgy/doom feel at times, although it’s a little quicker than a lot of music in that genre.

Death Row is a lot faster, being more within the thrash metal genre. The opening riff is immense, even sounding quite catchy at times. The verses change things up a little more, and the breakdowns and different segments of the song mean listeners will never be bored, as there are loads of interesting things going on here.

Charisman has another amazing riff to start it off, sounding very ferocious. The vocals are rather harsh at times, but there are moments when the track breaks down into a slightly softer style, with a more classic singing style emerging over the tribal drums, showing another aspect of Struck/Down’s sound.

Shackle The Preacher really displays the amazing drumming skills of the band – they’re a very tight musical entity, with the percussion keeping the chugging guitar riffs in time with the rhythm. This song displays more of the singing heard on the previous song, changing things up a little.

The Photographer is the last song on the EP, being much more mellow than a lot of the other tracks on display here. It starts off with a slow guitar melody, before the riffs and heaviness kick in later on. It’s great to see a softer side to the band, although the metal moments are never too far away.

It’s wonderful to hear a modern band like Struck/Down performing thrash metal once again, as it’s a genre that seems to have died somewhat in the modern era. Anyone into the thrash genre (or metal in general) should check out From Demons, as it really is a fantastic EP.

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