New Music: Render Ghosts – Keeping My Number

Render Ghosts are a synth pop act based in London and Utrecht, The Netherlands who I first discovered through their debut track Eye Rhyme. It’s a song that still randomly pops into my head now, so I was excited to see they had new music out. Their latest is called Keeping My Number.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Elen Williams

Keeping My Number has got the same kind of infectious electronic groove as Eye Rhyme, but a slightly more downbeat vibe. There is creeping doubt, but it’s tempered by a sense of hope and a bright and breezy chorus.

It’s another great track from Render Ghosts. Though they are so new to the scene as a collective, they have really captured a stunning sound. They’re certainly ones to watch.

You can listen to Keeping My Number below.

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