EP Review: The Chris Ruben Band – Take The Ride

Take The Ride is a new EP from The Chris Ruben Band, a six-piece psychedelic rock/funk band from New York. They’re got a really unique sound, being just the sort of band needed to try and rejuvenate the dying rock scene, so make sure you check their EP out if you’re into your rock music!

By Jane Howkins

The EP opens up with Take The Ride, kicking things off in style with groovy guitar licks and some surprising synth melodies. The track has a bluesy sound to it, displaying a real sense of rock and roll attitude that is often sadly lacking in modern rock music. The song has a huge amount of energy to it, and the guitar solos towards the end sound killer.

Held So Tight starts with a bass melody that sounds very funky – the percussion intermingles with the clean guitar licks and bass to make something that makes you want to tap your feet along instantly! The synths in the background are quite unique for this type of music, adding another dimension to The Chris Ruben Band’s sound.

Tell Me You Love Me is one of those songs that has so much going on in the background that it will take multiple listens to fully be able to appreciate everything. Again, it’s extremely funky on the verses, with some awesome guitar lines mixing well with the rhythm, until the chorus kicks in, which has more of a typical, anthemic rock sound to it.

What I Need is the final song on the EP, starting off with a unique time signature – something the band do very well. One of the things I liked here was the change between a clean and distorted guitar sound, with the synths and piano in the background adding something special. The track moves through several different movements, keeping listeners on their toes.

Take The Ride is a really innovative sounding EP from one of the best bands on the rock scene at the music – make sure you check the EP out when it’s officially released on March 25th this year!

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