Grunge Forever – A Round-Up Review

Grunge music is something typically considered to be a thing of the past, with most of the more famous grunge artists appearing during the late 80s and early 90s. However, the genre is still going strong, with lots of newer bands/artists being influenced by the acts in that scene. Listed below are several artists and their songs that have elements of grunge in them – make sure you check the full playlist out at the bottom too!

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Leibniz

Leibniz – Prove

Leibniz are an alt rock band from Brighton in the UK, who have recently released the song Prove. Whilst it definitely has alt rock leanings, the track has a very 90s sound in general, with a classic grunge guitar melody running throughout the verses. The production quality is raw at times, but this suits the style of music well, as does the change in dynamics between the quieter verses and the heavy chorus. The guitar solo towards the end is also epic.

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Fanchon – rsm SMiLe

Fanchon is an amazing musician and singer, with a penchant for crafting catchy rock sounds. Latest track, rsm SMiLE, has some interesting dynamics to it, with the verses having a soft, catchy sound to them – the bass provides the main melody underneath the vocals. The chorus is a lot heavier, with the riffs creating a wall of sound effect that works wonders with Fanchon’s lovely vocal style.

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Horse Doctor – Sinking

Sinking starts off with an incredible drum beat and rhythm, with the discordant guitar melodies appearing soon afterwards, giving Horse Doctor’s newest song a real sense of rock and roll attitude. The chorus changes things up a little, adding an anthemic sound with the singalong chorus. Horse Doctor are definitely one to watch for the future – their music is epic!

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Arn-Identified Flying Objects And Alien Friends – Firebird

We’ve featured Arn-Identified Objects And Alien Friends a few times here recently, and I’m pleased to be able to share another song from them, titled Firebird. This track is a little different from some of the other songs here, having a folky feel to it on first listen. However, when the guitar melodies kick in and the energy starts, the track has a real grunge/alt rock feel, appealing to those into a wide range of different artists.

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Abductees – Paris With A Broken Heart

Paris With A Broken Heart starts off with a little guitar melody that wouldn’t be out of place in an indie rock song before the rest of the music appears, giving the track the grungy sound we’ve all come to know and love from the genre. The vocals are quite interesting, sounding quiet under the guitars at times – the higher notes on the chorus were a welcome surprise, giving a nice contrast to the riffs on offer here.

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LIFEOFTHEPARTY is a brand new single from FRND CRCL, with a catchy sound to it. The main chord sequence that appears first on the bass is very infectious, to the point where listeners won’t be able to stop listening to it. The guitar melodies and vocals build upon the main chord sequence provided by the bass, with the vocals increasing in intensity on the chorus – it’s a simple note sequence, but the repetition really helps to keep listeners coming back for more.

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Cherry Tobacco – The Sacred Fire

The Sacred Fire starts off with what sounds like a flickering fire, before the bass and guitar melodies start. The main melody has a fantastic groove to it, which is increased by the tribal percussive sounds. The vocals have a classic grunge sound to them, changing between singing and a spoken style across the track. Cherry Tobacco’s latest song also has bluesy vibes to it, as well as the grungy ones, making for something that fans of all types of rock music should enjoy.

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Abnorm – Good Riddance

Abnorm’s track Good Riddance starts off with a slow guitar melody, making the music sound very melodic at first listen. However, once the percussion kicks in, things start to get heavier, although the sense of melody never leaves the piece. The female vocals are rather unusual for a grunge track, but this only made the song stand out even more to me, adding more of a harmonious feel to the music.

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Dude Safari – I’m No Good (At Any Sports)

I’m No Good (At Any Sports) has a ferocious intensity right from the start, matching the grunge style well. The guitar riffs and rhythm give the song a punky feeling on the verses, with the chorus having an anthemic vibe (in part due to the vocals), which works well with the huge wall of sound effect created by the guitars, bass and percussion. This was one of my favourite songs on this entire list, so make sure you check Dude Safari’s music out now!

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Ten Eighty Trees – Pathfinder

Ten Eighty Trees aren’t strictly a grunge band, as their music has elements of rock, punk and noughties alternative rock present within it, but the influences are still there. The energy on Pathfinder never really lets up, meaning listeners can really feel the emotion present within the music. The guitar riffs are immense and the vocals have that post-hardcore quality to them that became popular in the noughties, really helping to to create a sense of atmosphere in the song.

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Salt – Boxcar

Salt are a prolific four piece band that combine an old school grunge sound with elements of alternative rock and punk music, making latest track Boxcar sound incredible. The chorus changes the vibes of the song, with some lovely guitar arpeggios mixing well with the singalong style chorus. The bass is the real stand out here, providing the backbone for the track underneath the verses, whilst the vocals give the music an ominous feel.

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One Haven – Ember

Ember is a little different from most of the other songs on this list, having an acoustic sound to it. The male vocals have that typical post-grunge style to them, but the female vocals that emerge later on in the song make for a nice contrast, with the vocals giving the track an emotional feel. The strings are gorgeous, mixing with the guitar melodies to make the music that One Haven create sound even more beautiful.

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15th Bend – Reflect

Reflect opens up with a bluesy guitar solo, giving the track a proggy feel. It’s quite mid tempo and sounds mostly like a modern rock song, but there are grunge elements in the track as well. The vocals soar over the throbbing bass melody, with the guitars in the background being used in a simple manner, providing a lovely melody to the piece. It’s quite a unique sounding song, but it really works well for 15th Bend!

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The Hell Beings – Wind Your Neck

The Hell Beings are predominantly a punk band with some hardcore elements to their music, but I also felt they had moments of rock, grunge and garage rock within their sound. Wind Your Neck has quite a harsh sound to it, but this only serves to make it sound more intense, with the barked vocals being perfect for this style of music. The guitar melodies have an ominous sound to them, suiting the frantic energy of the song.

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Annie Dukes – Tension

Tension has a country rock/Southern rock sound to it, making it a little different from most of the songs on this list. Annie Dukes has a cracking singing voice, with the song seeing her belting the vocals out across different octaves as the song progresses. The guitar riffs and bass have a bluesy, country sound to them, although there are still grungy moments on the song. It’s good to hear something a little different, so make sure you check out Annie’s music below!

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The Midnight Vortex – The Long Way Ahead

The first thing that struck me about The Long Way Ahead was how beautiful the chorus melody was, having a fantastic chord sequence to it. The Midnight Vortex’s track is a bit more mid tempo than one might expect from this genre, but it’s got that wonderful 90s grunge/alt rock sound to it, with the vocals suiting the style well. The whole track sounds great, but the chorus is particularly stunning, especially with the build up towards the end.

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Neil C. Young – Them Bones

Them Bones is a cover of a well loved grunge song by Alice In Chains, with Neil C. Young mixing things up greatly here. It’s an instrumental piece, to the point where listeners might not realise it’s a cover at first – that’s how quirky this version is. It’s got an acoustic feel at times, with the bass making it sound quite jazzy – Neil is clearly very talented, and I would be very intrigued to hear more music by him in the near future!

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Hyattsvillain – Yolo Is A Lie

Yolo Is A Lie has quite a fuzzy feel to the guitar melodies, making it sound amazing – the production quality really suits the style of song. The guitars have an Eastern sound to them at times, helping to push the rhythm of the track along. The echoed vocal effects created by Hyattsvillain sound fantastic, particularly when mixed with the fuzzy guitar/basslines. This was one of my favourite songs on the list, rounding the playlist out in style.

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