New Music: Gifts From Crows – A Resolution (Strings)

Followers of the blog will know my fondness for Gifts From Crows’ music. The neoclassical project of British composer Richard Laurence has been appearing for a couple of years now and I always love hearing new pieces from him. His latest is called A Resolution.

By Graeme Smith

This strings version of the piece is the feature track from his new album Stories In Slow Light. Richard collaborates with photographer Helena Whitten for many of his works and this track was inspired by one of her photos. The strings section comes courtesy of the Northern Film Orchestra, another previous collaborator.

As for the music, it’s everything you’d expect from Gifts From Crows. Gentle but with an emotional depth. Refrains stay long enough to reach the dark corners of your mind, but never outstay their welcome. A Resolution is a piece that acts as a window of calm in an otherwise hectic day and its climax will have hairs standing up on your neck. You can take a listen to it below.