Discovery: Malin Wättring

Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Malin Wättring is an indie rock singer songwriter who caught my attention through her emotive new track I Want The Truth.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Amanda Andréas

Stripped-back and melancholic, I Want The Truth is the kind of song that grabs you through its minimalism. Malin’s vocals are expressive and enchanting and the track’s bluesy style feels steeped in human realism. As the track progresses, it develops into a powerful and climactic ending.

An established saxophonist and winner of Composer Of The Year at the Swedish National Radio Jazz Cat Gala in 2017, Malin is hardly new to the scene, even if we are only discovering her now. Still, I Want The Truth represents a new musical direction for her, and one I am fully on board with. I hope you’ll agree. You can check out the track below.

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