EP Review: Fool Saint – In A Field, Away From The City

Based in Jersey City, USA, Fool Saint are an alternative rock five piece who have just released their five-track debut EP. Musing on the themes of self-reflection, perseverance, and a desire to change the world, it’s called In A Field, Away From The City.

By Graeme Smith

Feature Photo by Austin Lipinski

A title like that says to me that the EP will be about environmentalism, and a yearning for a simpler life, and you certainly get that. There’s plenty more on offer in the EP though. Opening track When I Call You is an emotive rock ballad that touches on the altogether more human topic of relationships. That passionate vocals of Sara Bruno are the track’s standout feature, particularly during its euphoric chorus.

Track two Some Kind Of Crazy was inspired the Dakota Access Pipeline protests and feels like a rousing call to action. It starts slow and introspective before building to its anthemic chorus. The lyrics point to the absurdity of the modern world and applauds those fighting for a better future, despite the hate.

Until It’s Wild slows things down. Turning inwards, it speaks of mental insecurity and its instrumental arrangement suggests lethargy. There’s an understated elegance to the vocals, taking their moments to soar majestically over the plodding drums and bass while twanging, echoing guitar provides texture. The tempo ramps up towards its climax. It’s all beautifully done.

No Hard Feelings, a tale of a broken heart, is a short, sharp injection of emo punk. It’s storytelling lyrics bring the nostalgia of a past relationship to life, which makes the pain of the heartbreak all the more powerful.

The EP closes with Confession. With an indie rock arrangement, it provides yet another element to the Fool Saint sound. The emotion stays ramped up. The vocals are pleading; they leave it all out there. With that vulnerability comes strength and I felt myself hanging on every word of the lyrics.

In A Field, Away From The City serves as a fantastic intro to a band that show a lot of promise in the underserved world of progressive, emotional rock. It’s a must listen for any former or current emo kids out there. You can take a listen to the whole EP below.