Discovery: Laura Jinn

Laura Jinn is a New York, USA-based Avant Garde artist who has hit my radar through her new lush hyperpop track Gasp.

By Graeme Smith

Open with a dreamy intro, the track hits its stride after its first floaty verse. With a cantering sequence, half-sung, half-rapped. A soaring, emotive chorus rounds the first couple of minutes off nicely and by then you’re completely hooked on Laura’s sound.

Laura was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, influenced by emo rock and the early Internet. She also draws inspiration from acts like Glass Animals, Passion Pit and Gorillaz, as well as the uncompromising nature of MIA, FKA Twigs and Grimes. Fans of any of those acts will find a lot to love from Gasp, but that’s not to liken it to them. Laura has created a sound that is truly her own.

You can check out Gasp below.