Post-Rock – A Round Up Review

Post-rock isn’t a genre I’ve dabbled too much into in the past, but it’s something that I’ve been wanting to listen to more in recent months. It’s hard to define the genre, but it usually involves bands/artists with a traditional rock band structure, creating music with unusual time signatures and sounds within their music. Listed below are several artists that could be characterised as being within the post-rock genre – hopefully this review will help more people get into the genre.

Review by Jane Howkins

Picture by Bursting Wonderland

Bursting Wonderland – In Memory Of

Bursting Wonderland are an international rock duo project currently based in Ireland, with In Memory Of being one of their latest releases. The song starts out with a slow guitar melody, with other elements being slowly added over time. The percussion is particularly interesting, helping to create a dark atmosphere, before the beautiful vocals appear. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous and add more to the ambience of the piece. It’s quite folky at times, working well with the post-rock vibes.

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Richard Yot – Mirrors

Mirrors is a new song from Richard Yot, a talented artist and illustrator who has moved into the music industry in recent years. The track has an interesting intro, with some lovely synthy moments mixing with a heavy percussive beat, before the song explodes into a burst of fresh energy. It becomes more of a noise rock/indie rock song afterwards, but there are elements of post-rock in there, and the way Richard seamlessly weaves his vocals around the guitar melodies sounds simply amazing.

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Cosmopolis – Nixon-Manson

Nixon-Manson has a dark vibe to it from the off, with discordant melodies and recorded spoken word vocals opening the song, before the huge drums and little guitar melodies appearing, kicking the song off proper. Cosmopolis’ vocals are low and almost distant sounding, adding a menacing edge to things which really suits the music well. There’s so much going on in the background that it will take a few listens to fully appreciate everything.

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IWLD – I’m Trying

I’m Trying is one of the shorter tracks on this list, being less than two minutes long. It has a very dreamy feel, with some beautiful guitar melodies mixing well with the big drum sound that echoes throughout the music. IWLD slowly changes the guitar melodies over the course of the music, showing some real technical guitar skills. This is the perfect track for relaxing to, particularly due to the ambient nature of the music.

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Keanu Ienco – Indigo

Keanu Ienco is a Native American/Canadian guitarist and songwriter who has created this dream rock song, titled Indigo. The track is more of a straight up rock song than some of the other tunes on offer here, but there are still elements of post-rock present. The percussion sounds very unique at times and the dreamy elements lend themselves well to the genre, with the vocals mixing well with the rest of the music to make something that sounds utterly fabulous.

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Jem Doulton – The Spitting Dummy Parade

Jem Doulton is a musician and painter who has created a great body of work in both sectors, showing just how talented he is! The Spitting Dummy Parade is one of the more unique offerings on this list, with a whole host of musical ideas appearing over the course of the track. It starts out slowly, with some interesting guitar melodies mixing with the other sound effects contained within the song, before the sound effects converge into a discordant mass of sound, sounding almost eerie at times.

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Mahogany Frog – A Decision Of The Flower

The organ melody opening A Decision Of The Flower has a quiet beauty to it, especially when mixed with the sound effects and synths layered into the background. The organ melody continues for several minutes, until more electronic elements appear, giving the music an industrial quality. Mahogany Frog have created something that is both diverse and beautiful within their latest release, which fans of the post-rock genre should love.

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The Breakdown – Summer Song

Summer Song is more of a typical indie rock song, but it does have some elements of post-rock present within it, and you can really feel the wealth of The Breakdown’s influences in the mix, although their music is unique enough to stand on its own two feet. The track has a throbbing bass melody and some jangly guitar melodies, with the production lending itself more to the shoegaze/post-rock genres. The vocals have a crooning quality to them, with the main chord sequence on the chorus sounding beautiful at times.

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exitstands – Here In My Bed

exitstands are more of an ambient act than a rock one, although that genre does mix well with the post-rock scene, as Here In My Bed shows. A wall of strings opens up the song, providing a dynamic contrast to the little piano melody that runs alongside them, with the bass matching the piano line perfectly. Layers of reverb drenched vocals appear towards the end of the song, with some wonderful harmonies adding a subtle beauty to it all.

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Far From Your Sun – Water For Osiris

Water For Osiris is the longest song here, adding up to just over nine minutes of prime time music. The track starts out sounding like a typical hard rock song, lending itself more to the prog rock/metal genre than anything else. Little motifs on the guitars are added over time, showing just how talented Far From Your Sun are. The tune builds up over time, sounding epic throughout – those into their prog should find much to love here.

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Indigo Daydream – Never Minded Being Alone (but lately)

Never Minded Being Alone (but lately) is an extremely new track from Indigo Daydream, having only been released yesterday! The song borrows heavily from the shoegaze and dream pop worlds, with fuzzy guitar and piano lines mixing with a purposefully mumbled vocal style to make something that sounds as eerie as it is beautiful. The music suddenly drops off towards the end, leaving only the echoey vocals.

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1.0.8. – Creature

1.0.8. are a collaborative group that started out exhibiting art, before moving into the musical realm. Creature is an exciting new song from the collective, featuring a throbbing bass riff that mixes well with the occasional guitar licks and up-tempo percussion to make something that is full of energy. The track is very creative, pushing the rock genre to new and experimental boundaries, whilst also retaining a catchy sound.

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Bones In Butter – Another Cloud

Another Cloud is a new song from Bones In Butter, a project created by musician and songwriter Milutin Krasevic. It’s quite an interesting sounding song, with some psychedelic elements in there, all mixed up with moments of post-rock, post-punk and indie music. The music has a great energy to it, sounding very upbeat throughout. I loved the little guitar flourishes and the vocals also have a wonderful vibe to them.

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Shadow Forest – Window To The Soul

Window To The Soul is the last song on my list, but it’s no less worthy of your time than any of the other tracks displayed here. Shadow Forest have crafted something truly immense, with the song opening with a lovely piano melody, which continues for a while until the drums kick in and the recorded strings are added, making it sound very epic. The piano makes the music sound very warm throughout. The song is instrumental in nature, with the continuing themes being built upon until the song slowly fades out towards the end.

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