EP Review: Slant – My Friends Are All Machines

On listening to Slant’s EP My Friends Are All Machines for the first time, I found myself suitably impressed by the quality of the tracks on offer. They’re an eclectic rock band with elements on indie rock, electronica and punk present in their music, making for a great overall mix of sounds. Anyone into those genres should check this out!

By Jane Howkins

There are four songs on the EP, with each one having its own distinctive personality. First up is Wallow City, which starts out slowly, with a surf style guitar melody and a down-tempo percussive beat. The vocals sound great and I was particularly impressed by the vocal harmonies, which sound beautiful when mixed with the rest of the music. The track suddenly changes to a faster, punky song with a burst of energy, changing the dynamics up suitably.

Eat The Moon sounds like a punk song from the off, with the fast guitar melody and soaring vocals kicking things off nicely. It’s a really catchy track and the production quality sounds amazing – on this track, the band have managed to incorporate some pop into their music, without ever losing the harder edge that defines them so well.

Nightcrawlers has more of an indie electronic sound at first, with an eerie guitar melody pushing the song along in a throbbing manner. It’s possibly the catchiest song on the entire EP, but Slant never lose their edge, with the vocals shrieking at times, showing a huge sense of emotion within them.

75″ TV Screen is the final song on the EP, being the softest song here. The track sounds quite dreamy at times, in part due to the lovely little guitar melodies and the soft vocals. Some spoken vocals appear towards the end, changing things up a bit before the track ends with some beautiful vocal harmonies.

Slant are doing something wonderful here – each of the four songs on My Friends Are All Machines show a diverse and unique band pulling influences from across the board. It’s great to hear something a little different from the norm!

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